Holidays in Gulf County

General Information

  • The holidays are a wonderful time to be in Gulf County! We are a mom and pop town that slows down around the holidays making it easy to cherish time with your friends an family and soak in the simpler things in life.
  • Looking for special events? Here’s our local Gulf County Events Guide

Ordering Deadlines

Below is a collection of businesses, deadlines, and links or contact info for ease of access.

  • Boy Scout Troop 47 – Smoked Whole Turkey(12-14lbs $45) or Turkey Breasts(8-10lbs $35 for pick up. ORDER DEADLINE NOV9.
    Pick up dates are 11/23 12:00PM-3:00PM OR 11/24 10:00AM -1:00PM, 2368 Oak Grove Ave
    Contact Bill Van Der Tulip 850-247-9091

  • The Piggly Wiggly in town does a holiday dinner every year for pick up. The cost in 2021 was around $70 and it comes with all kinds of things. I have not seen a facebook post about it this year so please call them for more information. Their phone number is 850-229-8398 EXT 110 Website Link | Facebook Link

  • The Sand Dollar Cafe does a lunch meal on every major holiday. They have a wonderful selection and it is first come first serve(no reservations) or order ahead for pick up. They serve from 11AM – 2 PM EST. Menu and Thanksgiving Info Link. Facebook Link. Call ahead and order deadline by 11/18 by closing.
    Phone (850) 227-4865

  • Paul Gant’s is our BBQ truck out in Port St Joe. They usually do smoked half hams and turkeys for the holidays. They are order ahead for this. I do not know their cutoff dates for the holidays. Please visit their website for information. Might I recommend a tray of banana pudding as well. So good! Phone: (850) 227-9311

  • Bayside Bakery is where a lot of people get their holiday desserts. Thanksgiving order deadline is 11/15 for pick up between 11/17-11/23. Their website or facebook page is going to be the best resource. Phone: (850) 899-9229

  • Sweet Bunz in Port St Joe let me know today (11/7) that they will be releasing their pre-order form tomorrow 11/8/2022. She said it will include banana pudding, pumpkin rolls, and cinnamon rolls to name a few…. Best resource is their facebook page. This place is quickly becoming a PSJ staple and sells out DAILY! Deadline Unknown at this time.

  • The White Marlin is doing reservations only dining on Thanksgiving. This is a fine dining restaurant that took the place of the old Sunset Grill location. The cost per plate is $125 for ages 10+ and $60 for ages 4-9. The dining times are November 24, 2022from 11AM-4PM and reservations are required. Here’s their facebook post and menu

  • Most stores will be closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas day. I believe Scallop Cove on Cape San Blas is open until around noon or mid afternoon on the holidays and post this on their facebook page ahead of time. I do not remember if the trading post is open. I believe piggly wiggly is open for order pick ups, but I genuinely cannot remember. Some holidays they do half days. Please double check for yourselves and feel free to let me know what you find out and I’ll add it to tis page!

Other Resources

  • Coastal Concierge is always around for all of your delivery needs. They do beach and baby rental gear as well as grocery delivery and stocking.
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