Our first stay at HORIZON and WOW! After 21 years of renting at the Cape, i studied hard to find a different rental that would meet our aging leg needs a bit better! We now need elevator or 1 level rentals AND easy beach access! HORIZON solved both! Elevator to main level and a flat and level BEACH/GAZEBO access boardwalk (no humps/no steps) all the way to the beach end! There are steps at the end that lead directly onto a secluded section of Cape Beach below! The same goes for the BAY/GAZEBO access boardwalk and twin docks across the street in the Bay section of this amazing gated community! Add to that a community POOL/PAVILION that is rarely used…all easily access on flat level walkways and boardwalks via walking or biking! We rented a pair of adult tricycles and they allowed us to quickly access all the above areas in minutes! It made all the difference in the world for me! The house design is awesome and the best stocked kitchenware ever! The views are beyond fantastic! A few small items that would be greatly appreciated and add to the beauty of this house… a bit more clothing storage in the bedrooms (open shelving/high boy or a fold out suitcase stand)….at next upgrade, sofas and chairs that are standard height from floor vs so low you have to roll onto the floor to get up and out of them!….. lastly, shades on the Gulf facing windows to control the hot mid afternoon sun before it drops low enough to make those beautiful sunsets! Other than that, this HORIZON is ALMOST PERFECT!