Sandy Footprints was a wonderful location for our family spring break get-away in mid-March! We enjoyed its close proximity to several good restaurants and the Fish Market and to the state park. All of us wanted exercise and just to get away from winter. Long Beach walks, sitting by the heated pool, and enjoying one another was the plan and although the weather could have been better, we achieved our goal and enjoyed the visit to the hilt. The kitchen offered everything needed for cooking, preparing, and serving meals (after we mastered the unusual stove), and the bedrooms and baths were clean and comfortable. No elevator is in the house and a trek over the dunes to get to the beach provided us with with needed exercise, so we saw this as a plus! I only missed the ability to see the sunset from the main floor as two houses in front obstructed the view, and the upstairs porch was rather raw at this early time of the year.