Tracking the Tropics

Latest News

  • There are no systems threatening Gulf County at this time. Below are a collection of links we think you might find helpful for staying informed.

Helpful Links

Below is a collection of websites we use when we are following the tropics. We hope you find them helpful!

  • Ross Whitley, WMBB Facebook Page- Local Panama City Meteorologist without hype
    My Panhandle Weather Website – Same local resource, but their website instead of personal facebook page.
  • Gulf County Emergency Management & Weather Facebook & Website -Posts local forecasts, evacuation information, and more. You can sign up for alerts on the website.
  • NOAA National Hurricane Center Website– Best place to look for the official forecast graphics. Updated graphics are released at 5 AM/PM and 11 AM/PM with intermediate advisories at 8 AM/PM and 2 AM/PM.
  • NOAA NWS National Hurricane Center Facebook Page – They only post a few times a day so it’s not always the most up-to-date info.
  • US National Weather Service Tallahassee Florida Facebook -Our area’s national weather alerts station.
  • Mike’s Weather Page **Wonderful information, but lots of lots of information. Not a meteorologist, but very informative
  • Gulf County Sheriff’s Department App – Check your phone’s app store! I recommend downloading this app and turning on weather notifications. It’s super easy to do and you can delete it as soon as you are gone if you don’t want the alerts anymore. They also send out traffic alerts and so much more that is wildly helpful.

Evacuation Status

  • There are NO EVACUATIONS in Gulf County at this time.
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